Saturday, 19 November 2011

d.j.v. beautenizer - fiberwig LX masacara review

This is my first post! And I have decided to review the American version of my favourite Japanese mascara! Let's see how it measures up to its Japanese original.

Easy to use: 5 stars (max 5 stars in all categories)
Easy to remove: 5 stars
How long lasting: 5 stars
Does it claim what it does: 4 stars
Price/Value ratio: 3 stars

North American official website:
For those of you unfamiliar with fiber mascara, it's basically masacara that instead of black paste, it's a mixture of black fiber, you can literially see tiny threads of fiber when you take out the mascara, which really lengthens your lashes without causing clumps. To give a bit background, I am a big version of the original imju fiberwig masacara from Japan. It is the perfect masacara - it's long lasting, lengthens lashes, NEVER has clumps, and very easy to remove. It's the number 1 saling masacara in Japan and it lives up to it's name. Finally it landed a North American version and is available at Sephora for double the price of it's Japanese counterparts. Let me say I am happy with the results if you compare it to other North American brands, but it's not as good as it's Japanese sister.
It's easy to use, no clumps, but I found the fiber easy to come off during hte day. It is easy to take off (with just warm water under the shower, no need to rub your lashes which cause them to come off!). However, I foudn they don't work as well in terms of lengthening which it claims. This mascara does a better job in avoiding clumps and easiness to remove than lengthens or volumize your lashes. It also doesn't have that weird smell many American brands do. It lasts throughout the day. However for that price $30CAD, I'd much rather get the original Japanese version - either when I go to Japan or get it online. 

Overall it's still a nice masacara, but it's expensive but if you really want no clumps lashes give this a try.

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