Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active Gel Cream

This is my first Chanel skin care product and I just started using this new cream. So far I'm unhappy to say it's below my expectation. For over $100 it's just very average quality. I was expecting something more from Chanel.

It's a gel cream texture and lightly scented which smells pretty good. It's pretty moisturizing but my face feels pretty sticky after applying and I don't like that sticky sensation. Although I wipe the gel-cream off the container with the applicator stick that comes with it, I still put this gel-cream with my fingers directly onto my face as I normally like to pat and apply face cream with a massage motion. However, this makes my fingers sticky and I need to wash it off to remove the stickiness, which just wasted the gel-cream but I totally can`t stand sticky fingers. My face takes a while to absorb this gel-cream and thus the stickiness stays on for a while.


For $100 it's not really worth the value. I`d say most of this $100 is due to the brand. I recently finished a Paula`s Choice moisturizer which costs around $35 with shipping. Honestly, the Paula`s Choice moisturizer is better than the Chanel gel-cream. I will do another review on Paula`s Choice soon!

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