Sunday, 4 March 2012

Neil's Yard Remedies - White Tea Enriching Facial Mask

I haven't been updating this blog late, have been really busy at work and also got a terrible cold. It's super cold this week. Hopefully it'll get better next week!

I want to share this mask. Neil's Yard Remedies - White Tea Enriching Facial Mask. I bought it while in London last fall and I absolutely love it! It makes my skin feels super soft and plump after use.

Description from website:

 White Tea Enriching Facial Mask - Deeply nurtures DRY and SENSITIVE skin. An intensive nourishing treatment to restore vital moisture levels, plump the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. With antioxidant white tea and purifying kaolin.

The texture is clay mask like. The smell is great, but a bit too strong for me. Even after washing it off, I can still smell it for like 15min before the smell goes away. Neal's Yard boast all natural remedies, I am a bit skeptical about it especially with that strong fragance, as is a lot of skin care brands who prompts natural remedies isn't that natural in their use of ingredients. So do a lot of companies who doesn't promopt natural ingredients, so I don't really care that much whether it is or not, as long as the mask works. The only thing I don't really like about it is the effect isn't very long lasting. While your skill does feel very soft after use, it lasted only for the night and the next day it's your old skin back again. Although the description doesn't talk about cleansing, this mask since it's clay like texture, is actually pretty good with cleaning. My pores feel cleaner after use.

Overall I give this mask 4/5. Points being taken off for the strong fragance and short term effect.

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  1. so you recommend this? :D I should try this next time

    1. Yup I luv this. My skin feels very soft and fresh after use. You should definitely give it a try!



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