Friday, 9 March 2012

Some of my fav Japanese beauty products

I LOVE Japan especially their beauty products. Overall most Japanese beauty products that I've experienced fits me better and, in my own opinion, are of better quality than the ones available in North America. Price is also comparable if you buy them in Japan locally. That's why everytime I visit Japan beauty products is a must! I just want to share a few of my favourites in this post!

1) Kose Perfect Make-up Remover (eye and lip)This is my fav make up remover ever! It's very gentle yet removes make-up very well. I have very sensitive skin and can't take any oil based make up remover, which happens to be most products especially if you are looking to remove waterproof make up. This remover removers all make up type very well, plus it's very well priced!

2) Sala Perfect Hair Essence from Kanebo
Sala is the hair product brand of Kanebo that targets at young girls in their 20's. I love this product. It's like a leave in conditioner that I use before I blow dry my hair and makes my hair a lot smoother, giving it moisture. I think the package is changed recently though. Need to look for it next time.

3) Fancl Sunguard Face & Body SPF 30
Sunscreen is really a must for all girls as the sun is the number 1 damaging factors of skin! Most sunscren are greasy and smells weird. This product doesn't have both of these negative qualities! I absolutely love this product! Though my fav sunscreen is still from Missha. Unfortunately it's all used up and I can't find them in Canada. But in the meantime this will do just great.

4) Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
Majolica Majorca is one of my fav Japanese make-up brand. It's cheap, nicely packaged (very girly and princessy), great quality, and has great selection of colors. Japanese are always great at making mascara and this one really lengthens my lashes without the weird smell.

5) Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn White Q10 Mask
Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn is a great line of mask. I love the Q10 mask. It is really moisturing without being sticky. This ones doesn`t have a lot of whitening effect. If you want a more whitening effect, try to Collagen mask in the same line. But for moisture, Q10 is definitely better. I got this pack last time I was in Japan and it was on sale, which comes to just $5CAD for a box (which contains 5 mask sheet as well). So that`s $1CAD per mask! What a great value!!! And it absolutely works! I`ve seen this at T&T in GTA and even at T&T it`s not that expensive. The mask sheet fits my face perfectly and I normally use it on my neck after I`m done with my face. It has sooo much serum on the mask pack that even after opening the package, there are still  a lot inside the package that I would use them as well. Totally love this mask!

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