Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back from Japan!

(There's a picture of sakura, i.e. cherry blossoms, I saw in Tokyo!)

Hi everyone! I am finally back from Japan. My trip was great! I miss Japan already and so wanna go back! I am already starting to plan for my next trip.....hahaha

Anyways I bought so much from Japan. I bought 2 empty suitcases and bring back 2 full ones. I will start my review of Japanese beauty products soon. The only thing is I have soooo much products I don't even know where to start. If there's anything in particular you wanna read about (be it masacara, bb cream, foundation, eye shadow, moisturizer, facial mask, hair care, eye lash curler, blackhead brush, etc etc) please let me know!

Stay tuned.......... :)


  1. hi hi, I want a haul post - maybe some first impression or price range - coz I may visit Japan in a month's time! Thanks dear~~~ ;) cheers

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. Sure I'll definitely do a haul post! :) I'll include some shopping tips too. Have fun in Japan next month!



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