Monday, 23 April 2012


I know I promise my next post will be about Japanese beauty products...yet I have this urge to write about ramen today! Ever since I came back from Tokyo having tasted their wonderful heavenly ramen (Japanese wheat noodle) I have been having craving for ramen. I have tried so many different ramen joints here in Toronto and none live up to my expectation, not even close to Tokyo. I know I am asking for too much so I have decided to make my own! I have bought all the I need a good recipe! haha...kinda backwards. I did a quick search on the net before going out to get ingredients but now I need a real detailed recipe. Any one has anything to share?

Here is the ramen I had in good!

I have to describe this wonderful bowl of ramen from Mutekiya (in Ikebukuro district of Tokyo). The store is really small (sits less than 20 ppl perhaps) and I lined up for approximately 20min but it's totally worth it. Even if I have to line up longer I still would. They made the soup base by braising the pork bone for 16 hours! Yes 16 hours! That's how they got this creamy white pork bone soup. The eggs are half-boiled and the york is actually semi-solid. It actually tastes sweet! The bbq pork was soooo good! I normally hate any meat with fat sticking to it. I hate meat fat in general and would never eat it. But this bbq pork melts in your mouth smell so nice without the greasy taste at all.... I don't even know how to describe but it's sooo delicious!! It melts in your mouth. So good!!

Now I am waiting to make my own ramen. Since I can't feasibly braise pork for 16 hours, I am making a miso based ramen. I bought fresh miso with kelp and bonito pieces for the soup base. Wish me luck :)

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