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Beauty 101 Lesson 1: How to Lather Cleansing Foam


Even since I wrote about my nightly beauty routine, I found a lot of readers actually like my make-up removal tip! As such I am on a project to write about different ‘Beauty 101’ posts. I can’t say I’m an expert but I just love anything that has to do with make-up and skin care. I read a lot of blogs, magazines, youtubes, websites, etc etc and did a lot of trial and error myself. A lot of you are probably more experienced than I do and can teach me I am sure! Just bear in mind these Beauty 101 posts are meant to share my experience and by no means is the one and only way to go about making yourself beautiful!

Since we are doing a 101, what’s better than start with how to clean your face using a foaming cleanser!

How To Clean Your Face Using a Cleanser

Yes that’s true! You might ask – what? Why do I need a tutorial on this!? I’d say this is both easy and hard. Yes you just squeeze your foaming cleanser and work it into a lather, no brainer right? Yes but the trick is HOW to get the MAXIMUM amount of foam! Have you ever feel when you touch your face after cleansing that your face is still greasy? Imagine our pores as little wholes on the skin, it is the foam that goes into your pores to do the cleaning for you. Foam has to be plentiful and small to do a good job. You are just wasting your cleanser if you don’t work up the lather. And here's how:

How To Lather Cleansing Foam

 1. Shape your hand into a little bowl (this allows for water and foam to form into your hand later)   
2. Squeeze approximately 1.5cm of foaming cleanser onto your hand - the cleanser I am using is the Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam

3. Add a little bit of water as shown:

4. Using figures of your other hand, mix the water and cleanser quickly in circular motion

5. You should now see quite a bit of lather, add a little bit of water, just very little so it doesn't wash away the foam (by now my hards are too wet and foamy that I can't continue taking pics! sorry!)

6. Repeat step 4 2-3 times until you have the desired amount of foam, which means the amount enough for your entire face + neck

By now you should have lots of foam. Now you can spread them all over your face and start massaging your face and neck in a circular motion to clean the oil and dirt. Remember don't rub too hard otherwise you'll just pull your skin which can cause wrinkles overtime!

Tools and Alternatives 

This method gives you the max amount of foam but it does takes time. What if you are tired or you are in a rush in the morning!? There are always tools and alternatives to help you:

1. Cleansing Foam That's Already Foamed! - these are normally in pump packaging. All you have to do is to pump out the foam! No rubbing is needed! Easy! This is the Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam:

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam - 160ml

2. Cleansing Net - I bought this Poretol Cleansing Soap in Japan but they are available in a lot of places online as well. Basically the net helps to create foam easier without you working up the lather. They normall work only with facial soap though.

3. Cleansing Puff/Sponge - as the name suggested, they are puff/sponge that help you work up the lather instead of you doing it manually with just your fingers. They work similar to the cleansing net yet you are not restricted to facial soap only. One thing you have to be careful is it's easy to build up residue (including dirt, foam, bacteria) in the little holes of the sponge. If you use them make sure they are completely cleaned and dried off!

Hope you enjoy this post! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about my blog! 

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