Friday, 25 May 2012

Chanel Ultra Correction Life Eye Cream Review

This is the 2nd Chanel skin care product I bought. The first was the Precision Hydramax + Active Gel Cream which I think is just so-so. This eye cream again is just very average in terms of quality but not the price.


This eye cream isn't too rich and is just right in terms of consistency as a cream. It's a little bit sticky but your skin absorbs it fairly quickly so no worries about sticky fingers. Also this eye cream does have a very fine texture similar to most high end cosmetics (like my YSL Touche Eclat). You can definitely feel it as compared to mid-range brands like Clinique. I give this 3/5.


Definitely expensive. Costed me $125 USD. 2.5/5

Does it work?

This eye cream claims to give your eyes 'visible lifting effect'. I originally got it for my mom as a gift but she said it is totally not moisturizing enough for her so she gave it to me. As I don't have any need for lifting, I see this more as a moisturizer which brightens my eyes (hence the 'lifting'). Unfortunately I have to say after 1 month of consistent use, it really does nothing at all. I don't see any visible difference around my eyes, nor do I feel any more hydrated. This eye cream costed me $125USD (I bought it in NYC) and honestly it's the same as applying the Clinique All About Eyes which costs under $35. I have to give it 1/5.


I am disappointed with Chanel skin care products. After 2 products I tried, both of them failed my expectation and I can easily find replacement at a fraction of the cost. You are definitely buying into the brand rather than quality!

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