Monday, 7 May 2012

My Night Time Beauty Routine - Part II

As promised here's part II of my nightly beauty routine. This part will be about skin care. See part I for makeup removal and cleansing tips!

Step 1: Toner

It's the same as softener or sometimes some brand calls it lotion for some reason. A good toner helps to exfoliate your skin (i.e. soften your skin in preparation for moisturizer/serum) and also moisture your skin at the same time. It's also great to apply before makeup to prep your skin so the foundation sits well on your skin.

I am currently using Shiseido The Skin Care Hydro-refining Softener. I like this toner a lot. It's very moisturizer and non-irritating at all. It's a water like texture. There are 2 ways to apply toner:

- if you want to moisturizer skin, pump 2 pumps onto your hands, rub it, and gently press on your face
- if you want to exfoliate/soften the way, wet your cotton pad with the toner and massage onto you face in an upward motion

Step 2: Mask

I tend to use different masks at least 3 times a week. Normally includes sheet mask, eye mask, and clay mask, depending what my skin need that time. The one you see in the picture is a Kose Clearturn White Vitamin C Mask.

Once a week I also massage my face using a massage cream before putting on a mask. I am currently using the Shiseido UV White Massage Cream - will do another review of how to massage later.

Step 3: Serum

After taking off the mask, if it is a sheet mask you normally still have some serum from the mask. Make sure you massage your face with it and don`t waste it! If you are using mask such as clay mask that doesn`t come with a serum, I would use my own serum. I currently use the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Essence Ex. I love this serum! It`s a gel/lotion texture and very very hydrating. It's also very very well price! Absolutely love it!

The way to apply serum - I would normally put 2 drops on my fingers, rub it to warm it up, and pat on my face gently to ensure all serum absorbed.

Another serum I use is the Chanel Ultra Lift for eyes. It's a lotion like serum. Honestly I don't see any difference before and after using - won't buy it again.

Step 4: Moisturizer

Lastly moisturizer. I use a different moisturizer day time and night time - night time is definitely richer. I currently is using the Chanel Hydramax Gel Cream and Fancl Rest Eye Gel. See my previous review here.

So that's my nightly skin care routine all done!  Hope you enjoy :) Please leave your comments and share your experience too!

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  1. I always use toner :)
    amazing post!!

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your comment :) Please subscribe to me =)

  2. found your blog through Jacq's! Loving it thus far ^^


    1. Thanks for your comments Ari :)

    2. I always pass by the masks in those tubes but how do you like them??? Do they have enough serum on them?? any recommendations? xD

    3. These box masks are drier than the indiviudal wrapped ones. However they are a lot cheaper. I got them in Japan for less than $20CAD for 30 mask sheets. The same individual packaged ones are about $7CAD per 5 sheets. Plus they are more for daily use or 3-5 times a week so I think it's still a really good option 'cuz you use them more often even though per sheet it has less serum

    4. oooo good to know! I see them a lot in pharmacies and k/j-marts but I never wanted to commit to such a big tub lol

  3. There are so many amazing Japanese products I wish I could get in Canada :( Thanks for commenting on my blog I'm following !



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