Sunday, 13 May 2012

What's IN This Season?

Hi everyone! Summer is here (finally after enduring months of cold Canadian winter!)!! I went shopping with my mom on mother's day (happy mother's day to my wonderful mom!) and I noticed a few of this season's hottest trends!

1) Orange jacket

I bought an orange jacket while in Japan and today I saw few places (Zara, BCBG, Tory Burch, Forever 21, etc etc.) all selling orange jackets! Some are really tailored fit, some are longer in length, some are shorter cropped jacket, either way they are all bright orange! I think it works great with a pair of blue jeans or wear it over a one-piece dress

See how Rachel Bilson pairs an orange jacket with a white dress for a elegant yet fun look:

2) Colored skinny jeans

This is definitely great for nice summer weather! I love skinny jeans but I mostly wear blue jeans. This season I'm definitely gonna try these fun colored jeans. Pair them with a lose satin shirt and cute oversize bracelets! See these lovely pink jeans from Zara:

3) Shorts

Again saw these in a few stores today and they are made of very light material (satin, silk, etc). I love these 'cuz they just scream 'SUMMER!'. They also look like something you would wear to go on a cruise. Pair these with wedges, a flowy tank top, and big summer hat. If it's a bit cool bring along your orange jacket as well! See these lovely floral shorts from Zara:

4) Lace

This season we continue to be ruled by everything lace! I love lace and of course I am happy to expand my lace collection! Lace dress and shorts seem to be the must-haves this summer. Pair a lace dress with a narraow belt. This is from Forever 21:

5) Collar Blouse

These looks like a mix between school uniform and lady-like working blouse, though with a girly touch and again in very light materials (do we see a theme here!?). Most of them are in pastel color (again!) but white and beige are always great for summer as well. Pair them with your fav satin/silk shorts and an oversize clutch! See this lovely collar blouse from BCBG:

I hope you all enjoy this post :) Please share your fav trend of this season!

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  1. Love the pastel jeans for this spring/summer.

  2. I definetly need a pair of pastel pants ^^ Thanks for sharing !



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