Wednesday, 16 May 2012

YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Review

Covering up undereye dark circles have always been one of my main focus when doing makeup. Once you have covered up your dark circles, your face instantly brightens up. It is essential for a good natural everyday makeup, actually for almost all makeup! I have tried soooo many different concealer. I recently bought the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch based on all the good revies I have heard, but unfortunately I have to say it failed my expectation :(

I bought this at Sephora for $50 CAD. I picked color #2 which looks pretty natural to me. It is ivory with a pinkish undertone which is great for color correction. This is how the color looks like:


The packaging of this concealer, or I should say a highlighter (as it works better as an illuminator rather than a concealer) is definitely very pretty and clever. I like how it is packaged in a pen-style with a built-in synthetic brush so you can just click the end of the 'pen' and it will automatically dispense concealer onto the brush. You can apply using this brush directly onto you face. It is great to put in your make up bag so you don't have to worry about touching your face when your hands are dirty or having to bring a million brush with you. Packaging-wise I give it a 4.5/5.



Coverage is really minimal which I am not happy about. It does higlight your face, although I would have to say using a shimmering ivory eye shadow would work as well or even better, at a much cheaper price. Coverage is sub standard. I give this category a 2/5. As a highlighter, it works but there are cheaper options. As such I give this a 2.5/5.


I have to say this YSL Touche Eclat has a very fine silky texture, which is normally the kind of texture you only find in expensive cosmetics (At least I got *part* of my $50 worth!)


In summary I only give this product a 2.5/5. It didn't fulfil my need as a concealer. I'd rather spend under $30 for a MAC concealer which has better coverage, or use other forms of highlighter that works as well. In fact, that is exactly what I am using now and this YSL Touche Eclat is just laying in my make-up cabinet.....totally wasted!

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  1. Sucks that it doesn't work out. I was going to purchase this the last time Sephora had that Beauty Insider 15% sale. It's a good thing I didn't get it I guess.

    - Makemepretty101

  2. I got the touche eclat foundation at the preview yesterday its amazing here is the review

    1. I'm glad to hear the foundation works! Too bad the highlighter doesn't but now I'm interested in checking out the foundation!

  3. I really want one of these. I am sad to hear it didn't work for you, but I love the idea of this product. It sounds so lovely.



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