Friday, 29 June 2012

Beauty 101: Eyebrow Tutorial - How To Shape Your Eyebrows

Today I am going to show you some simple and easy technique to shape your perfect brow. Your eyebrows are the frame to your eyes and so it's very important. I personally love natural looking eyebrow and tend to avoid over arching. There are lot of eyebrow kits out there but I think everyone's brows are unique! You should shape your eyebrow according to your face, not according to the kit! Here we go!

Step 1: Find the 'Key Points' on your brows

How your eyebrow should shape is depends on where your features are on your face, the shape of your brow should be in proportion to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Identify the key points on your brows in relation to other features on your face help to create a natural and perfect framing brow. Using an eyeliner pencil, dot the 3 main 'key points' on your brow according to the diagram above.

  • Point 1 - from the outsider side of your nose straight up
  • Point 2 - from the middle of your mouth to your eyeball to create the top point of your arch
  • Point 3 - from the same starting point as point 2 (middle of mouth) to end of eye

Step 2: Link up the 'Key Points' to draw an eyebrow outline

Link up the key points and draw the outline of your brow. I normally won't draw my eyebrow too thin. If you want a natural looking brow, it should be similar to the current width of your brow. Look into the mirror and see if you like it or not. Re-draw if you think it's too think or too thin. 

Step 3: Pluck the hair outside of the eyebrow outline

I recommend checking yourself in the mirror at a normal distance while plucking. Don't just keep plucking otherwise you might end up over plucking your brow. Pay attending to the ends of your brows. You should pluck less where your brows begin to enusre a natural look. Once you are done, clean off the eyeliner with your eye makeup remover.

Overall tips:  

Just remember to pluck slowly and check the mirror throughout! Over plucking is the worst that can happen! You can always pluck more but it takes time to grow if you over plucked!

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  1. Wow, it's great! Nice blog!

  2. I love this tip! Eyebrows are so important because they frame a person's face! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for these tips! I found your blog through the chat community on bloglovetherapy! Now following...follow back?

  4. I love this post, I'm currently waiting for eyebrows to grow back in, I went a bit crazy with the tweezers! New follower :)
    Vicky xo



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