Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beauty 101: Makup Brush Part I - Why do you need makeup brush, how to store them, and which makeup brush do you need.

In this post I will discuss the basics of makeup brush -  why do you need makeup brush, how to store them, and which makeup brush do you need. Since there are sooo much to talk about makeup brush, this will only be part 1 of the makeup brush tutorial. Part II will be about how to care for your makeup brush, how to clean them,  and how do you know when to replace them.

The way I describe is by no means the only way, it is my way that I developed overtime through trial and error. Feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Why do you need makeup brush?

Makeup brush is one of those things that you won't know what you missed out until you start using them. Here are benefits of using makeup brush:

  1. It gives you a more even application. This is especially true with foundation. It gives you a more even application than your fingers. When you apply eye shadow with makeup brush (instead of the applicator included), it helps you blend out the eye shadow for a more natural finish
  2. It gives you a more 'lightweight' applicaiton which makes it more natural. You won't need as much foundation/eye shadow than say when you use a sponge or your fingers. It gives you a more natural complexion especially with foundation
  3. It helps you with more precise application. This is why the makeup brush that comes with your eye shadow case fails, they normally don't work very well if you need sharper edges

How do you select which makeup brush you need?

There are a million brushes out there, and if you are not a pro but just a girl who like me who like makeup, you don't need them all. Makeup brush are expensive and you would go broke if you buy every single brush out there. It really depends on your routine which brush you need, everyone focuses on different areas of their face when they do their makeup. For me, here are the essentials:

1. Powder Brush - to finish off your look with setting face powder so your makeup stay on longer

2. Stippling Brush - for lightweight application of foundation if you want light coverage and a very natural look

3. Angled Blsuh Brush - for blush and contouring. I use it for shading and highlighting as well as the angle makes it easy to control

4. Foundation Brush - for foundation and concealer. The difference between this and the stippling brush is this brush, since the shape and angle is different, is better when you want more coverage, such as on blemishes or undereye, whereas the stippling brush is for more natural lighweight application, such as on your cheeks

5. Eyeshadow brush - of course for eyeshadow. Using a brush is way better than using your fingers as its easier to control and blend. Just remember to tap off excess eye shadow before applying


6. Eyeline brush - this brush is slightly angled. Wonderful for creating a precise eyeline and winged end. You can use this both dry and wet.

7. Eyebrow comb and brush - brushing your eyebrow is very important to create a natural yet perfectly shaped brow. The comb end I also use to comb my eye lashes to prevent mascara crumps

How do you store makeup brush?

Generally you can store them in a brush cash or stand upright in a container. I personally like to store them in a container as it covers the brush to prefer dust and other micro bacteria in the air depositing onto my brushes. Brushes are a great place for bacteria to grow so it's important to clean your makeup brush often. I will talk about cleaning your makeup brush in the next tutorial.

If you know you are not going to use your brush for a long time, lay it flat to maintain the desired shape. Remember to store your brushes in a low-humidity area away from mold, but at the same time not directly under sunlight to prevent damage.


This is a pretty long post. To conclude:

Why do you need makeup brush - for an even application that is precise and lightweight
Which makeup brush do you need - depends on your personal routine, but for me there are 7 must-haves
How to store them - either in a case or upright (although I personally prefer upright)


  1. great little post! you forgot the kabuki brush! I love those things.


    1. Thanks for the comment :) I personally think the powder brush and angled blush brush cover the function of the kabuki brush. Kabuki brush is great to put in your makeup bag though as they are small and portable! Which is also why I don't like it very well 'cuz the handle is too short. I love longer handles like a regular brush when I'm at home

  2. thanks for sharing. I store my brushes upright too but i dont have many brushes, a lot of the times i get lazy and use my hands lol

    1. I use my hands too when I'm in a rush...lolz :)

  3. Great post Mimika! The brushes you mentioned are also a good basic set of brushes, especially for those who are new to using makeup. I am still trying to find the perfect brush container to store them in. I don't like dust getting onto them either!

    1. Thanks :) I'm using the original bag that comes with the brush now...but it's a bit clumsy as I need to put it into the pocket that fit each brush and take it out every time...still looking for a better way too!

  4. Nice post!! I was never familiar with the brushes so that was a quick and very easy to understand run through :p Been using the wrong kind of brushes -___- fail... haha! btw I love japanese magazines too even if i don't understand the language haha! When I went to Japan, I practically got so much =)) i loved looking at the photos :-) and I love your blog! You have a new follower!!! :-) xx Forever Nineteen

  5. I used to keep my brushes in a zipped bag now I have 3 brush rolls which I store them in... you're right it's kind gross to keep it out because there is so much dust! Great tips for beginners!

  6. Great post! I really need to get myself a stippling brush, I use a traditional foundation brush at the moment & I love it but I'd like to see what difference a stippling brush makes! Found you via the Friday blog hop x



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