Thursday, 28 June 2012

Deal and Giveaway Alert: Philosophy and Julep Maven

Hi everyone! Sorry for not writing for the past week. I have been super busy! I am also sooo unlocky today that I got a speeding ticket! There are other cars who were going the same speed too but the cop only picked me :( It's one of those streets that is going 60km/hr then a 40khm/hr sigh comes up halfway! That totally ruins my day! I am so pissed :( The ticket costs me $100 and demerit points! Anyhow I'm just in a bad mood today until I receive my Juelp Maven box finally! I've been waiting for this box since last week. At least there's something to cheer me up! I will do a review post soon AND a Julep Maven box giveaway! Stay tuned!!

Here is the Julep Maven box I got and I love it! Thanks for arriving just in time!

Anyways onto a brighter note, I got email of different brands every week and here are some of the deals I love:

1) Julep Maven Box for 1 Penny!!
Yes this deal is back! For 1 PENNY (Yes you read it right!), you can get a Julep Maven box that normally retails for $19.99 which contains products over $40, including nail polish, handcream, and other surprise goodies! Please use my Julep Maven referral link here and promo code MAVENINTRO. Please use my referral link if you are planning to get the box! I would really appreciate it :)

2) Philosophy: Your Choice of Gift with $50 Purchase (July 2 - July 6)
I love philosophy! I think Sephora got me addicted to them. I think my current obession is the Divine Makeup Collection. Anyways if you are interested in taking advantage of this deal, please use my referral link and promo code below (really appreciate it!):


Promo code for different gifts:

  • promo code 1 (kiss of hope lip treatment spf 15): freedom1
  • promo code 2 (purity made simple one-step facial cleanser 3oz.): freedom2
  • promo code 3 (microdelivery exfoliating facial wash 4oz.): freedom3
  • promo code 4 (pure grace perfumed hand cream 1oz.): freedom4
  • promo name: freedom to choose gift with purchase

That's it for now. I will do a real post soon and hopefully my mood will get better soon...*sigh*


  1. Just found your blog through my first Friday Blog Hop :) I love the pretty look. I'll be following you from now on.

  2. Hi! I'm following you from the Friday Blog Hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back!
    Have a great weekend! -Kat

  3. Sorry to hear about the ticket, I can imagine how that would just ruin your day. But at least the Julep introductory box seems like unbeatable value and you can enjoy the contents for next to nothing :)



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