Friday, 22 June 2012

Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara Long Review

Today I am going to review the Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara Long (what a long and weird name!). A number of you mentioned you'd love to see more Japanese cosmetics review. Here you go!

Fasio is a Japanese brand under Kose that's geared towards girls in their late teens/early twenties. This mascara claims to give you super long and curly lashes for 24 hrs straight! Let's see if it does!

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Long and Curly?

I think this mascara only does a mediocre job in giving you long and curly lashes. This probably has to do with the design of brush. As you can see in the picture below, I love how this brush is slightly curved like the shape of your eye, making it easy to apply especially to the lashes at the end of your eyes. However, the brush is very sparse and it's hard to hit every lash unless you apply it many many times in an even zig-zag motion. Since this Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara Long (hate typing the full name!) does not attach to each lash evenly and fully, it doesn`t give you very long and curly lashes. I think it only deserves a 3.5/5

24 Hours Straight?

I have to say this mascara is SUPER long wearing! I normally leave before 8am in the morning and don't shower/clean my face till 11ish at night. This mascara looks the same at the end of the day as it does when I apply in the morning, and I don't reapply throughout the day. It does not blacken my eye even the slightest. I used it on the lower lashes and still works wonderfully! I even took a nap with my mascara on once (on my bed w/ pillow). Where normal mascara (such as the deja-vu Fiberwig which I normally use) will be all over my eyes, this doesn't smudge at all. I'm very impressed. I give this a 5/5

Easy to remove?

Since this is such a long wearing masacara, it is also SUPER hard to remove! My regular eye make-up removal routine normally removes all mascara. For this Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara, I have to use the MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover which is an oil/water based mascara for waterproof eye makeup. On top of that, I need to use my regular eye makeup remover plus clean my face using a facial foam so that all my lashes are clean! It's just too much! 2.5/5


Seems like I said a lot of bad things about it, let's give it some positive points. Some mascara has this really bad chemical smell, fortunately the Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara doesn't. 4/5


- Super long wear
- Curve brush making it easy to hit lashes at both ends of eye
- No cheap chemical smell

- Very hard to remove
- Only gives average long/curly lashes

Due to it's pros and cons, I found an excellent way to use the Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara Long which is to use it for lower lashes only since it's super long wear, as it's always easy for me to smudge my lower lashes. Your eyes blink involuntarily throughout the day, and since your lower lashes are so close to the skin under, it's very easy to make your eyes look black and hence the illusion of dark circles! This mascara does a great job. While I'm only using it for lower lashes, it makes removing easier (you use less mascara for lower lashes). I'm still uncertain whether I'll get it again as it's so hard to remove. If I find something as long wearing as this, I probably won't go back. Overall 3/5

P.S. For those of you into Japanese Idol, check out the Fasio CM by Jun Matsumoto of Arashi CLICK HERE.


  1. I'm starting to look more into mascaras, but there's just so many out there. I haven't found one that I love yet. But this review has definitely helped :)

  2. I miss fasio; we don't have fasio where I live now. Thanks for sharing.

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  3. Thanks for the review!!
    As soon as I saw this mascara's name I was interested! Too bad it doesn't live up to it's claims. Not sure if I want to try this anymore :\

  4. Nice review. I do not want anything that take a long time to remove. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  5. Quick removal is best.great review

  6. Great review! I think it's quite important
    that a mascara is easy to remove so this mascara
    would not work for me but besides that it sounds like
    a great product, thank you for the information. :)

    With Love,

  7. Great review Mimika! I haven't heard of this brand before, but it sounds very long wearing. Usually mascaras tend to smudge or run and leave me looking like a raccoon by midday!



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