Monday, 4 June 2012

Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner and Pencil Liner Review

I bought a number of Kate products back in Japan, including the Kate BB Gel Cream which I really love. In this post I will review 2 Kate eye liners I bought : Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner and Kate Pencil Liner.

Below: The line above is from Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner and the line below is from the Pencil Liner. As you can see, the Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner allows you to make it thinner or thicker depending on how much presure you apply.

Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner

This is a liquid liner that is super thin, aka sharp. It comes in 3 colors, I got the natural black. I zoomed in but the eyeliner is really thin:

Easy to use?

This is an eyeliner that's extremely easy to use. It glides on very smoothly and the color comes out very smooth and even. It is very thin so it's easy to control to give a very thin eyeline for a very subtle and natural look. If you press harder it gives you a thicker line to creat a different look. I give this 4.5/5

How long lasting?

I normally draw my eyeline in the morning before I head out around 7ish and by the time I shower and take off my make-up it's well past 11pm, and the eyeline is still there merely smudged! Love it! 5/5

Easy to remove?

This isn't a water proof liner so you can easily remove using any eye makeup remover, which for me is the MAC Makeup Pro Eye and Lip Remover. I don't really have a need for water proof eyeliner and I hate removing them as you need an oil-based remover which irriates my skin, so I am good with this. 4.5/5

Kate Pencil Eyeliner

This is a twist-type pencil eyeliner. The tip is thicker than the Super Sharp Eyeliner above. I got the eyeliner in natural black as well

Easy to use?

This pencil liner is easy to use in terms of drawing a fool-proof eyeline for beginners as compared to liquid eyeliner, as you don't have to worry about controlling the pressure for a smooth line. It's really fool-proof. However, since this is a pencil liner and not the real pencil type, the tip tends to get blunt overtime and caused the eyeliner to be thicker than what I like. It's great when you are in a real rush, but otherwise I prefer the Super Sharp Eyeliner more. 4/5. 

How long lasting?

This pencil eyeliner is not as long-lasting as the liquie liner. Although the eyeline is still there at the end of the day, it gets smudged easier. Unless you are creating a look that requires you to deliberately smudge the eyeline, otherse I give this a 3.5/5 

Easy to remove?

Similar to the Super Sharp Eyeliner this is very easy to remove. 4.5/5


I definitely like the Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner better. In fact, it has replaced the Majorlica Majorca eyeliner as my current fav! And I can see it being my fav for a while. It definitely allows more room to draw the eyeline I like. Having said that, the Pencil Liner is very easy to use especially for beginners. Overall I would recommend both these products! Get the KATE Super Sharp Liner Liquid EyeLiner from here.

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  1. The super sharp liner looks really good. I like my liners to have a sharper point so I can draw thin lines easily :)



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