Friday, 8 June 2012

Missha M BB Boomer Review

Missha is a Korean brand that is famous for its BB cream. It's one of the first brand that sells BB cream. This Missha M BB Boomer is a base for BB cream and it claims that it can "boosts the adherence and duration of BB cream and makes your skin look brighter". In my opinion, I think this claim is only partly true.


This BB Boomer is a pale pinkish (almost translucent white with a hint of pink) cream with a subtle shimmer. The cream itself is pretty light and easy to apply. It has a soft scent which I really like. I would give this 4/5.


As a BB cream base, this product claims to boast the adherence and duration of BB cream, however I don't see any difference whether I apply this or not. My Kate BB Gel Cream (which I reviewed here) stays on very well regardless. In fact, BB cream by definition includes make-up base, an extra base is really not necessary. Bear in mind that the more layers you apply onto your face, the more so you are covering up your pores. Makeup makes you look great, but it's also true it's adding chemicals and other burden onto your face. I always advocate "less is more". Besides, the whole point of using BB cream is efficiency, why add back more steps if you are already using a product that can save you time? I give this category 2.5/5


Since this product has a pinkish tone with subtle shimmer (see picture above after applying only the BB Boomer), it works great to brighten up your face. I think for girls who have great skin and only want to brighten their complexion, this is a great product to apply without foundation, afterall this is lighter than foundation. You can also use this as a highlighter, just use a very small amount and blend very well with your foundation/BB cream. However like I said above, adding extra to your face can block pores. You can always use a highlighting eye shadow or face powder to highlight your face. Since these products are in powder form, it's not as thick as a BB Boomer and therefore doesn't add as much burden to your face nor blocking your pores. I think there are better options than using this product as a highlighter. This Missha M BB Boomer deserve a 3.5/5 for brightening.


- light texture
- good for brightening complexion

- doesn't boost adherence of BB cream
- not really necessary to use on top of BB cream, in fact adding more than necessary to face can block pores

I would give this product a 3.5/5 overall, since it only does one of the function it claimed, and there are better brightener than this.

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  4. I have this product too, but switched back to using my MUFE foundation primer. There are little glitters or sparkles in the product, making it accentuate some of the lumpiness on my skin. =(
    And agree, adherence sucks.



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