Friday, 6 July 2012

My Beauty Diary Intesive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask Review

If you are an Asian beauty junkie like me, you must have heard of or tried My Beauty Diary Masks! They are known for producing quality masks at affordable prices. Today I am going to review the My Beauty Diary Intesive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask.

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Anyways, enough of my giveaway promo. Now back to this mask. For those of you who don't know My Beauty Diary, it is a Taiwanese skin care company famous for their masks. They are so popular that they sell over 1 million masks per year! They have also branch out other skin care products such as moisturizers due to the brand's popularity. This My Beauty Diary Intesive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask claims to moisturize and brightens your eyes. Let's see if it does!

I do find this mask pretty moisturizing although a little sticky after use. I don't wash the serum remaining on my eyes but I would massage around my eyes to help absorb the serum. In fact, the sticky feeling goes away pretty quickly so I think it's fine. Although it's moisturizing, the effect doesn't last very long. I give this 3.5/5. I would give it a higher mark if the results last longer

In terms of brightening, I think the effect is better than moisturizing. It does brighten areas around my eyes although not as obvious as the SK-II eye mask. Again the effect doesn't last very long. I would say if you use it in the evening, you do see the skin brightens right after, however, when you wake up the next morning, you look like your old self again. I recommend using the My Beauty Diary Intesive Double Vitamin C Eye Maskin the morning before you head out to have the full effect for the whole day. I give this 4/5.

One of the best thing about the My Beauty Diary Intesive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask is that it`s so cheap! I bought it at T&T for around $12 for 7 mask sheets. I think that sort of compensates for that fact that the results don't last that long because you can keep using them few times a week due to the price. Also for that price, quality is pretty good. This category definitely worths a 4.5/5.

Design of Eye Mask?
I think this is one of the best eye mask shape you can find in the market. I definitely LOVE the shape of this eye mask! As you can see, it covers both your eyelids and undereye, PLUS it has extra section at the end of the mask that covers the side of your eyes to prevent pre-mature aging! My Beauty Diary is known for having great mask shape and fit. Seriously I haven't seen any mask that can beat this design. Way to go! 5/5 no doubt.

Amount of Serum?
The mask sheet itself has plenty of serum but not that much remains in the package. The benefit is that you won't waste the serum. The negative is that you can't use the extra serum somewhere else on your face. However, given the amount of serum on the eye mask itself, I think this worths a 3.5/5.

In summary, here are the pros and cons:

- Brightens and moisturizes eye area
- Cheap!
- Excellent eye mask shape

- Not a lot of serum left in package
- Short term brightening and moisturizing effect

I would recommend this My Beauty Diary Intesive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask and would definitely repurchase this in the future. What do you think about this eye mask? Please leave me a comment and let me know what is your favourite eye mask!!

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  1. I love their masks and you're right, they are reasonably-priced and quite effective. Love it also there are so many different types and they all smell delicious.

    1. I agree their masks smells wonderful! It's such a treat!

  2. woaaa i just knew they also carry eye mask! *____*
    i need to try it out, i love mbd XD

    1. yup their masks are great! I think they have more than 1 eye mask too. check it out!



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