Thursday, 9 August 2012

Scandinave Les Bains at Vieux-Montreal (Scandinave Spa Old Montreal) Review

Hi everyone I am finally back in Toronto! Sorry for being MIA for a while! I visited Montreal last week and treated myself to a spa massage after a long day of work at the Scandinave Les Bains in Vieux-Montreal, i.e. the Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal. I will write about my spa experience in this post!

About the Scandinave Les Bians Vieux-Montreal (description from the official website)
The Scandinave Les Bians Vieux-Montreal is designed for quiet rejuvenation. Experience the traditional Scandinavian treatment: body warming, beneficial cold rinse, and relaxation period; feel the many benefits and healing properties of water. Cleanse your skin, improve your physical well-being, and discover how beneficial hydrotherapy can be. For total relaxation, treat yourself to a soothing massage. Check out their official website

My Experience & Review
I had a 1 hour massage focusing on my shoulders and back. I didn't have much time to enjoy the bath and sauna as it was a quick in quick out after work. Below is how I rate the different categories of this spa:
The Interior Design
I didn't take any pictures of the spa out of respect for others enjoying themselves in the baths and relaxing in the waiting area. The design is very modern yet I found it to be a little bit dark with very low lights. The picture you see above is from their official website although the real spa feels a lot darker. The designer probably wanted a low light relaxing atmosphere, but because all colors used are very cold tone (such as blue, grey, black), it actually feels a bit uninviting while very dark. The materials used are also kind of  "cold", a lot of tiles, glass, brass, etc. I love spa that feels "warmer" and use "warmer" colors. I think a spa design can be both modern and relaxing, such as use of wood and plants to create a zen-like atmosphere. Of course that's just my personal preference. I am sure there are spa goers that love their design. For me I give this a 2.5/5.

The Reception
When I called to book my message, the lady helping me was very nice. She gave me detailed instructions on what to bring and directions to the spa, knowing that I am not local. However, when I actually checked in at the spa, the guy who helped me was a bit unfriendly, no smile at all and in a very abrupt tone, at least that didn't make me feel welcomed as a valued customer. The spa experience starts when you check it and reception staff are very important. I can only give this 3/5.

The Massage
The massage was superb. In my opinion, it redeems the spa of its other flaws! Afterall, the most important part of your spa experience is your treatment! I have been to many spas and this definitely ranks top 5! Maybe I was just lucky that I got a really nice masseurs! The pressure was just right and I did feel a lot more relaxed afterwards. Definitely a 5/5!

I think the Scandinave Les Bains in Old Montreal is worth a 3/5 overall. Although the massage was great, I wasn't very satisfied with other parts of this spa experience. When you visit a spa, it is an experience that should start from the time you start booking till you walk out of the doors. It is supposed to be relaxing, easily, comfortable, and welcoming. The price you pay is not just for your treatment but for all other aspects as well. I would probably try out another spa if I visit Montreal again. Afterall, the Scandinave Les Bians Vieux Montreal is not the most relaxing experience, why not give another spa a chance?

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