Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fall Beauty Herbal Tea Therapy

I am a BIG tea lover. So much that I have a whole cabinet devoted to my tea and tea related utensils, including tea china sets and tea making tools. In this post I am gonna share with you some of my fav tea blends that have beauty and health benefits!

Hydrating Tea - Jujube (Red Dates), Dried Longan Fruits, and Goji Berry

This is a very sweet tea and one of my fav tea. It is a very hydrating tea. This tea is a very common traditional Chinese blend, something that gets passed down generations. Goji berry has recently becomes a superfood but it's been used in culinary and medical ares in Asia for a thousands of years. It's great when you are feeling dry, especially when the weather changes, or when you are lacking sleep and feeling dull.

Detox Tea - Chrysanthemum with Sugarcrane

This is a mix of chrysanthemum tea with sugarcrane juice. Also very popular in Asia with a long tradition, chrysanthemum is know of its detox and hydrating properties used often in healing acne and sore throat (see wikipedia). Sugarcrane is so good for detox that I personally love drinking sugarcrane whenever I have acne and I can tell you it really works!

Relaxation Tea - Lavendar Blend

Lavendar is known for its relaxing properties, that's why a lot of spa use lavendar oil during massage therapy or the spa smells like lavendar. I love drinking this tea before I sleep, although not everyone like it when it's in a tea form. If you don't like drinking flower tea, I suggest mixing lavender tea with blueberry tea as the fruity taste compliments the flower taste of lavendar.

Beauty Sleep Tea - Chamomile Honey

Similar to Lavendar, Chamomile is an effective tea in helping anxiety. Want to have a worry free beauty sleep? I suggest Chamomile tea. Mix it with honey for added taste and hydration!

Girls Tea - Rose Buds Tea

I call this the girls tea for lack of a better name. I have pretty bad cramps during my period month. I found that drinking rose bud teas constantly a week before my period actually helps. Rose is supposed to help blood circulation. For girls who has the same problems I strong suggest you to try this!

Cold Therapy Tea - Ginger Tea
This is not a beauty tea, but a great tea for fall! Afterall, it's easy to catch a cold during season change. Boil ginger slices in water. If ginger is too strong for you, add a few chrysanthemum which is also supposed to help with flu and cold. It will add a sweet scent to your tea.

Of course not all types of tea work for everyone. What is your fav tea? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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