Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Furla : Brand Discovery Series

Do you sometimes get bored wearing the same brand as everybody else? I do and I have a few personal fav brands that's not carried by everyone else. I am going to write a regular series of posts about brands relatively new to Canada but can be very popular elsewhere. My first post will be about Furla, one of my all time favourite leather brand!

About Furla
Furla is an Italian brand that is 100% designed in Italy since 1927. Furla bags and shoes are made with high qualiy Italian leather. Being the owner of a dozen Furla bags, I can vouch to its superb quality! My Furla bags always feel really soft and you can tell it's quality leather. They are also super durable! Furla today is available almost worldwide From London to Tokyo, New York to Singapore, the Furla brand is an expression of authentic Italian style, which means natural elegance, refinement and creativity. It is a world in which simplicity and beauty are intertwined - simply, stylist, elegant! And did I mentioned that all Furla bags are HAND-CRAFTED!?

I have done post about Furla before (check out my previous posts here!!). It is truly my fav brand and so far I own a dozne Furla bags. Recently this designer brand has launched few successful campaigns worldwide for the Furla "It-Bag", the Candy Bag, which has become extremely popular! I am happy to see Furla gaining more recognition it deserves!

The Collection - Candy Bag

The Candy Bag
I can't possibly talk about Furla without talking about its famous Candy Bag collection! In fact, the Candy Bag is very unFurla, but a bold and innovative move! It is very rare that Furla doesn't make its bag in leather, but the Candy Bag is just so full of fun and creativity! Furla has been launching a series of experimental shows for the Candy Bag around the world - the Candybrissima! From Milan, New York, Tokyo, and anywhere chic you name it! Fashionistas were invited to create their own Candy Bag by mixing and matching different components of the bag in different colors and materials. Check out more about the Candybrissima at the Furla Candybrissima Official Page HERE!

Some of the current Candy Bag Collection:

And here are some of my favourite Furla bags this season:

Here are just a few of my fav Furla bags! What do you think? Do you have a fav brand that none of your friends know? If you love Furla too don't forget to follow Furla on Twitter and like them on Facebook!


  1. i love it...

    xoxo Wengie

  2. hey! i found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. these bags look so unique! love them.


  3. I like their white pieces :)



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