Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jeanne Lottie SS2013 Collection Preview!

I attend the Jeanne Lottie SS2013 Preview last week at the Jeanne Lottie Pink House in Yorkville. The new SS2013 collection is just eye candy to every girl! I went with a girl friend and left with a big bag full of Jeanne Lottie purses! I also had a chat with Jane Ip, designer and founder of Jeanne Lottie, who was very nice and inspiring. Thanks The Vanity Events for hosting the preview

About Jeanne Lottie and Jane Ip

If you have been following my blog, you would have known about Jeanne Lottie (see previous post). Jane Ip is a Toronto-based designer who created Jeanne Lottie with the hope of producing colorful bags for women everywhere (they ARE selling everywhere Canada wide and online!). When Jane finished her MBA, instead of entering the corporate world like everyone else, she jumped into the world of fashion immediately for her love of colors and style. I found this really inspiring for young people. A lot of the times we grow up a certain way society or our families expect us to be, but what is your true passion? Are you brave enough to catch that dream? For Jane, her philosophy is true happiness brings true beauty, and that’s the message she wants to convey in Jeanne Lottie. Jane was tired of the same old brown/black bag with the same boring design, and so she created Jeanne Lottie – a brand of colors and fun! In fact, even the pink house feels like a giant cotton candy – a mix of pink, pastel purple, yellow! I almost felt like I am in a dessert and pastries house!

Another quality I really admired in Jane is her persistence. Starting your own business is not easy, and fashion is not just all glamorous photo shoot. Jane told me when she first started Jeanne Lottie, it was hard to convey her design ideas to the manufacturers as they are so different and unique from what everyone makes. Even the retailers did not see eye-to-eye with her. They weren’t sure if her bags would sell as all other bags are so traditional. However, Jane didn’t give up and keep trying. Nowadays, her collection is available Canada-wide! 

Do you also have something you really wanna do but everyone told you that you won’t succeed? Don’t give up!

About the SS2013 Collection
When I wrote that the SS2013 Jeanne Lottie Collection is eye candy to every girl, I meant it literally. All pieces are in lovely colors! Hot pink, bright yellow, turquoise blue, juicy orange, you name it! The bags are also very functional with zipper side pockets, crossbody straps, etc. Here are pics of the event and collection! Don't forget to follow Jeanne Lottie on twitter @jeannelottie!

 (above & below: the new SS2013 collection. Look at the lovely bright colors!)

 (above & below: 2 of my many favourites in the SS2013 collection)

 (below: 2 things a girl can't resist - cup cakes and handbags! lovely treats at the preview!)

(below: I love girly bling bling accessories!)

(below: The Pink House was packed with purse lovers!)

I hope you enjoy these pics of the Jeanne Lottie SS2013 Preview event! Check out Jeanne Lottie Official Website for more of their current collection!

Which is your favourite purse in the Jeanne Lottie SS2013 Collection? Leave me a comment!


  1. Beautiful bags! I especially like the way the accessories are displayed!

    1. Me too! I love how they're displayed on a 3 tiered pastries stand



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