Sunday, 25 November 2012

Club Rochelier Terra Satchel: My Perfect Bag For Fall!

Are you looking for a great bag for Fall that is both functional AND stylish? I was, and lucky me I won the Club Rochelier Terra Satchel contest hosted by and Club Rochelier! (Thanks Ally and Sophia)! Here's the bag:

About Club Rochelier
Being a Canadian, I really support great Canadian brands in the market and Club Rochelier is one of them! Club Rochelier is a Montreal-based fashion accessories brand with a vision to design fashion-forward handbags, wallets, and travel accessories. Since 1989, Club Rochelier small leather goods have had a strong presence in department stores and speciality retailers. With its continued success, Club Rochelier has now expanded its product line to handbags. Check out Club Rochelier official website and Facebook for more about the brand!

About the Terra Satchel
I love the design of this satchel! Blue and brown are great colors for Fall, and color blocking is just so IN this year! I also really like how this bag is super functional. First of all, there are so many different pockets both inside and outside, making it super easy to find your phones, keys, transit passes, lip balm, etc etc. 

The Club Rochelier Terra Satchel also comes with a matching coin purse in blue that you can attached to the purse or take it off if you like! 

What I really love is this Club Rochelier Terra Satchel also comes with both a top handle and a crossbody strap! THis makes it very easy to carry this bag with different outfits! Here I have created 3 different looks just with one bag, and show you how you can carry the Club Rochelier Terra Satchel in 3 different ways!! What's better then getting 3 different styles with the price of 1 purse!?

3 Looks Created with the Club Rochelier Terra Satchel

9 to 5 Office Look
This is a great look for work. Very classy yet easy to put together. I remove the strap from the Club Rochelier Terra Satchel for a more formal look. I also love how this bag is big enough for everything work related while not being oversized!

Saturday Afternoon Starbucks Look  
This is a perfect look for a relaxing afternoon over a cup of coffee and your favourite novel. I shorten the crossbody strap to wear the Terra Satchel on the side for a more relaxed style.

Casual Date Look
I would wear this outfit on a casual date when you still wanna look cute and girly but not too high maintenance. I created this outfit with this lovely sweater I got from Tokyo with buckled boots. I love how you can wear the bag crossbody on the side which free up your hands!

Hope you like the Club Rochelier Terra Satchel as much as I do! Don't forget to visit the Club Rochelier official website and Facebook for updates!


  1. really pretty bag and you pair it really well with the outfits!


    1. Thanks for your compliments on the outfits :)

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