Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Ultimate Hair Iron - VOSS Ultimate Emotion

I love a good hair iron that can totally change my look. In fact, I think every girl needs a good hair iron (especially when Christmas is coming! Yes party time!). I've tried a dozne different hair irons. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised when I received the VOSS Ultimate Emotion Hair Iron flew all the way from Korea! It looks so amazing! Even the packaging suggests anything BUT a hair iron:

Are you thinking - is this a bottle of wine? When I received the VOSS Ultimate Emotion Hair Iron in the package, I was wondering if I ordered some ice wine that I forgot! I just can't help taking pictures of this baby:

It even comes with a little clip to tidy up your wires so the wires are not everywhere when you try to do your hair. How thoughtful!

Love the temperature control that allows you to increase or decrease the temperature while ironing your hair. The temperature control buttons are located on both sides of the flat iron so it's really easy to change no matter what position you are holding it. This flat iron even remembers the last temperature you set! It also turns off automatically if you don't use it for a while.

I hate waiting forever for my hair iron to heat up, so I really love how the VOSS hair iron ceremic pads can heat up to 200 degrees in just 30 seconds. The ceremic iron also emits negative ions that is good for your hair, just like those ionic hair blow dryer. It helps to minimize damage to your hair.

Apparently this hair iron uses a "3-step cushion and tilt" technology. I found it distributes heat evenly on my hair which I know I love. There's no pulling of hair. Another thing I like is how it wraps around the side of the ceremic plate with plastic so you won't burn yourself easily. I found this hair iron has little designs here and there and makes it very easy to grip and maneuver in different positions!

I am in the process of doing a video to showcase more of this hair iron. Stay tuned!!

Disclaimer: This product was provided for my review by Korean Cosmetics. I am not compensated at all by the provider. The review is written after I have personally tried this product for a few weeks. The review is my honest opinion.


  1. This sounds like a great product! I've been looking for a new straightener so I'll have to check this out!
    Beauty by T

    1. Yup I love this baby. Stay tuned for my hair tutorial video too!

  2. Wow this looks like a really great product!

  3. Where can you buy it outside korea ? Canada perhaps

    1. I think you can find them online at sites that sell Korean beauty products :)



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