Thursday, 8 August 2013

Amore Pacific Treatment Toner Alcohol-Free Freshener Review

I know some people like to skip their toner, but I use it everyday. A good toner exfoliates the skin and prepares it to fully absorb the moisturizers or serum you apply after. I recently finished a bottle of the Amore Pacific Treatment Toner (Alcohol-Free Freshener) I bought at Sephora and here is my review:

About the Brand
Amore Pacific is THE leading cosmetics and skincare brand in South Korean. It owns a lot of popular Korean brands like Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Etude House, IOPE, etc. The Amore Pacific brand is their North American exclusive line.

Texture and Smell (rating 4/5)
The Amore Pacific Treatment Toner is a clear, very watery toner with a soft fragance. My face feels very refreshing and cool when I pat this on, probably due to the watery texture. The fragance is not too strong and smells very good. I definitely love the texture and smell of this toner!

Exfoliates (rating 4/5)
A good toner is supposed to exfoliate your skin and remove any last traces of makeup. I used a cotton pad soaked with the Amore Pacific toner and swept it across my face, and I do see the cotton pad turning slighly oily which is a sign of a good exfoliator.

Moisturize (rating 3/5)
I love how it makes my skin soft and moistured after application. However, this feeling only lasts for a very short time which is a bit disappointing. For a toner at this price, I was expecting the results to last longer.

Price (rating 2.5/5)
The Amore Pacific Treatment Toner (Alcohol-Free Freshener) is a bit pricy. I got it at Sephora for $65. Although the bottle looks big, it only has 100ml (3.4oz) because the walls of the bottle is thick, which is kinda misleading. For that price point you have a lot of other options that give you similar results. The Shiseido The Skincare Hydro Balancing Softener, for example, has a smaller looking bottle but actually gives you more toner (5oz) at only $36. The Amore Pacific Treatment Toner works a tad bit better than the Shiseido softener but for almost triple the price. So at the end of the day, it's your call. I personally think eating healthy and sleeping early for can make up that little difference on my skin :)

Overall (rating 3.5/5)
If you are looking for a toner that is alcohol-free, refreshing, and exfoliating, the Amore Pacific Treatment Toner is definitely your choice, only if you don't care about the price at all! Would you go for a product that is a lot more expensive even though it is only a little bit better?


  1. I think I would probably skip this~ sorry, it definitely not worth to shelf out that much gram for a product that is just a wee bit the above range ~

    1. Thanks for leaving your comment :) I kinda agree with you too. I don't think I'm going back to this product :(



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