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Complete Guide On How to Get a Hair Cut in Japan Part II: How To Book An Appointment & Communiate with you Hair Stylist

Hi everyone! First all, I just wanna say I'm so so sorry for not updating sooner, but the reason is that I was living in Japan in the last little while! It was such a wonderful experience! Now that I'm back and I know a lot of you love travelling and shopping in Japan as much as I do, I'm gonna share with you all my fashion and beauty tips I learned from locals. I may even write about my travel if someone requests, such as where to stay, to eat, and travel in Japan. So let me know what you like, and stay tuned for more exciting posts! **UPDATE** Please also check out my Facebook page Japan Travel Tips on everything and anything you need to know about visiting Japan!

Anyways, I promised when I wrote Part I of the Visiting Hair Salon in Japan series (check it out plssss!) that I will write about how to make your appointment and how to communicate with your hair stylist which is KEY! So here we go :).

How To Make A Hair Appointment

I recommend you always make an appointment! Most hair salons in Japan requires an appointment unless you are going to a really cheap quick cut place. If you've decided to have your hotel book an appointment for you , that's easy and you really don't have to worry about anything. If you decided to make your own appointment, you can either email or call them. I suggest emailing if you don't know much Japanese, as most of them do not know much English either. Write a very simple email in English with date and time.

Tips when making an appointment:
  • Most hair salons in Japan are closed Monday
  • Some salsons have discount for weekday appointment, check before you confirm the date
  • Japanese salons has the 指名 system, i.e. requesting a designated hair stylist. This can be done if you have been to the salon before, or if you have browsed through their website and like the profile of the stylist. More established hair salons will have a website listing all their hair stylists with gallery of their work. Some hair salons will charge extra if you ask for a specific stylist, some won't. So make sure you check before asking

How to Communicate With Your Japanese Hair Stylist

Of course, there is always the fool proof way of bringing a picture with you! If you haven't, some basic hair styling related words in Japanese that come in handy:
  • カラ一 (pronounce Kaa Laa, double a means long sound): which you probably guessed, is color as in you want to color your hair
  • カット (Cut-Do, with Do as in Door without the R sound but pronounce shorter, all Do below are pronounced the same): which yes just means hair cut
  • パ一ム (Paaa-Mu): yes you guessed, it means perm
  • トリ一 トメント(Do-Riiii-Do-Men-Do): hair treatment
  • 前髪 (Ma-Eh-Ga-Mi): bangs
  • 指名 (Shi-May): request a designated hair stylist
  • セミロング (Sem-Mi-Long-Gu): semi long which normally means shoulder length
  • ロング(Long-Gu): long
  • ショート (Shot-Do): short
  • 厚い (Ah-Zoo-Yee): thick or heavy
  • 軽い (Ka-Lo-Yee): light, the opposite of 厚い
  • おすすめ (All-Su-Su-Meh): advice/recommendation e.g. if you want the stylist advice on hair color that suits you, you can say おすすめのヘヤカラ一は?(All-Su-Su-Meh No He-Ya Kaaa-Laaa Wa?)
  • 簡単なアレンジ (Kan-Tan-Na-Ah-Lan-G): if you want a hair style that is easy to maintain
These should be the basic terms that coves most of what you need to say to your stylist. If you are really unsure you can always download a dictionary app on your phone and bring it with you!

I hope you found part II of this "Complete Guide On How to Get a Hair Cut in Japan" useful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay tuned for Part III where I will talk about how much it normally costs and what to expect from the minute you walk in till you are done! Of course, don't forget to check out Part I of this tutorial series: How to Pick the Right Hair Salon!

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